Samantha Shoaf - 2007 Golden Opportunity Scholar

Samantha Shoaf PictureCurrent activities

I am in my third year of a straight-to PhD program at Purdue University. I work mostly in winter wheat based cropping systems and also in Dr Herb Ohm's wheat breeding program.  I hope to complete my degree in 2012.
Future activities
After completing my PhD here at Purdue I hope to work internationally to help stabilize food production in developing nations.   Also, I will be involved in my family farm here in the US and in Brazil.
Impact of GO program
Through the GO program I have made many friends within the academic realm of Agronomy, Crop and Soil sciences. These are some of the people I will be working with as a professional, so it is great to get to know them now. I have also been able to make connections with professionals in the private sector, and their perspective on the trials of academia have been helpful. It was great to already know some people up here at Purdue when I got here for my graduate studies. I most likely wouldn’t have known these people without the GO program, despite the fact that we all would have attended the national meetings with our SASES clubs.   Also, seeing what my fellow scholars have accomplished and are working on helps to motivate me to achieve just as much as they do.