Chris Schaefer - 2006 Golden Opportunity Scholar

Chris Schaefer PictureCurrent activities

I am currently attending the University of Minnesota studying the Applied Plant Science Program and working towards my MS degree under Dr. Rex Bernardo.

Future activities
My future plans include graduating in the spring of 2010 and continuing with a PhD program either at the University of Minnesota or another university.

Impact of GO program

The Golden Opportunity Scholars program was very beneficial to me in many ways, which all began with allowing me to attend the international meetings of ASA/CSSA/SSA in 2007.  By attending the international meetings, I was able to make contacts with professors, industry professionals and future colleagues that have proven to benefit me immensely in only a short time.  The programs that took place during the meetings for the GO Scholars were also very intriguing and motivating as I was able to discuss current topics that will influence that rest of my career and listen to the perspectives of leaders in those areas.  Finally, the mentoring aspect of the GO scholars program, arguably the most beneficial part, has provided me with a person I can contact who will listen to my thoughts and questions and be able to respond with excellent advice and guidance for the future.