Joyce Lok - 2007 Golden Opportunity Scholar


Joyce Lok PictureCurrent activities
For the past two years I have been pursuing a masters degree in Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University. My research project focuses on impacts of Miscanthus establishment on soil surface quality. This is applied agronomic research for the future establishment of Miscanthus as a primary bioenergy crop for producers. Other than research I have participated in establishing ISU BioBus - a student-run biofuel lab recycling excess oil from university cafeterias and Slow Food @ ISU - an organization determined to embrace healthy, fair, good clean food. My hobbies include glassblowing, ice fishing, archery, cooking and traveling.

Future activities
I am both anxious and excited about what I will be doing once I graduate. Several options are possible, such as: working for the government as a soil scientist, getting an internship in a field different from agronomy, or getting a doctorate degree. At the meetings I plan to meet with many people to see what opportunities are available, but in the meantime I will be writing and studying.
Impact of GO program

The GO program is a wonderful experience where I get to meet ambitious and talented individuals in a variety of fields. Whenever I meet an undergraduate that is determined and focused on their goals, I always let them know about the GO program. Opportunities from the GO program never cease for those dedicated to their goals in life. It isn't singularly about going to the conference or having a mentor for a year; it is based on the willingness of those who have traveled before you to provide you with guidance on how to blaze your own trail. I look forward to meeting friends and colleagues, as well as this year's scholars.