Brandon Furseth - 2007 Golden Opportunity Scholar

Brandon Furseth PictureCurrent activities
 I am currently a grad student at the University of Wisconsin.  I work with Shawn Conley and the soybean and small grain program.

Future activities
My future plans are always changing, but I plan to complete my Master's program in May 2011 and search for a job somewhere in the agronomy discipline.  I have broad interests that could lead me into research, consulting or possibly back to the family farm in southern Wisconsin.
Impact of GO program
The GO program really allowed me to network with individuals from around the county.  It solidified my decision to go on to graduate school and gave me an idea of what is out there.  Even though I did not end up going far from home for graduate school, I was able to make a more educated decision with the GO program experience.  I was also provided with a variety of unique perspectives on the agricultural community as a whole, and given the confidence to approach challenges with a more open mind.  It was an all around incredible experience, perhaps the most important single event in my career development.