Patrick Dosier - 2007 Golden Opportunity Scholar

I am currently employed with Crop Production Services out of Yuma, Arizona as a research agronomist.  My territory includes the Coachella Valley, Imperial Valley, northern Mexico, Yuma, and central Arizona.  I work mostly with vegetable and fruit crops, but also walk forage, cotton and small grains.  Some of my current work is focusing on using PGRs to increase yields or crop uniformity and the use of enhanced availability phosphates in alkaline soils.  I am a Certified Crop Adviser and a California Licensed Pest Control Advisor.

I will continue working in the private industry focusing on fertilizers and vegetable production.  I am also going to try my luck at growing vegetables in the near future.

The GO Scholar program truly was a golden opportunity! I was exposed to other facets of agronomy such as breeding and corn/soybean production.  I aslo made some great friends with other students from around the country, one of whom is now my counter-part at CPS.  The networking and exposure to other regions have been invaluable to me.