Matthew Vann - 2007Golden Opportunity Scholar

Matthew Vann PictureCurrent activities

I am currently attending the University of Florida, getting a degree in Environmental Management in Agriculture and Natural Resources with a minor in Plant Science and Soil & Water Science. I am currently the Vice President of the Agronomy & Soils Club, student Agricultural Gardens manager for the Agronomy & Soils Club, and Agriculture and Life Sciences College Council representative for the Agronomy & Soils Club. I am also a College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Ambassador.
Future activities
I plan to attend Graduate School at North Carolina State University as a masters student in the crop science department. My area of research will be in tobacco production with an emphasis on nutrient management, specifically potassium.
Impact of GO program
The GO program taught me to really branch out and look for other options at other places when in comes to major life decision.