Race Higgins - 2009 Golden Opportunity Scholar

Race Higgins PictureRace Higgins is a student in the Crop Sciences Department at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He is majoring in plant biotechnology and molecular biology with a minor in chemistry.  Race is a junior and plans on graduating in May 2011. 

His study focuses mainly on crop breeding and genetics. He has done a week study tour of Jamaican agriculture and a three week seminar through IAAS, International Association of Students in Agriculture, in Belarus on international agriculture issues.
He has served as Crop Sciences Student Ambassador and as reporter of his local SASES chapter, Field and Furrow. He is an executive member of the College of ACES Global Ambassadors.
He plans on going to graduate school in plant breeding.  His goal is to become a researcher in the private industry or an academic institution.