Chang Lian - 2009 Golden Opportunity Scholar

Chang Lian PictureChang Lian is student in the Crop and Soil Sciences Department at Cornell University. He is majoring in agricultural sciences with a concentration of crop production and management. Chang is a senior and plans on graduating in May 2010.

His study focuses on soil nutrient management and food security issues. He has done internship with Cornell’s Nutrient Management Spear Program, conducting extensive research on potassium management from both agronomic and economic angles.
He has received transfer student scholarship from Alpha Zeta Fraternity, Cornell Charter, which is an agricultural oriented Greek life organization. He was one of the first batches of reporters of Cornell Daily Sun, Science Section, and is a member of New World Agriculture and Ecology Group at Cornell.
He plans on going to graduate school in agricultural economy and policy. His goal is to become an agricultural product analyst in the private industry or a science policy advisor for the government.