Austin Case - 2009 Golden Opportunity Scholar

Austin Case PictureAustin Case is a student in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences at Colorado State University. He is completing a major in Soil and Crop Sciences with a concentration in Plant Biotechnology, Genetics and Breeding. Austin plans on attending graduate school after he graduates in May 2010.

Austin has worked with the CSU Bean Breeding Project, and the CSU Wheat Breeding Project. He has been involved with a project to map Fusarium wilt resistance genes in a population of dry beans. Also, he has been involved with research testing the possible cross pathogenicity of different forma specialis of Fusarium oxysporum to attack dry beans.
Austin plans on studying plant breeding and genetics in graduate school. He is interested in a program that incorporates both traditional breeding techniques, as well as molecular tools for crop improvement. He would like to be involved with a major field crop such as corn, wheat or soybeans.