Hunter Stambaugh - 2009 Golden Opportunity Scholar

Hunter Stambaugh PictureHunter Stambaugh is a student in the Crop and Soil Sciences Department at Penn State University. He is majoring in Environmental Soil Science with a minor in Agronomy. Hunter is a junior and plans on graduating December 2009. 

Hunter is very interested in crop production systems and has taken several courses in grain and forage production. He has worked with several projects within the Crop and Soil Sciences Department including processing soil cores as well as analyzing soybeans. He has been a member of the Penn State Agronomy club for the past two years. This summer Hunter is working for his local Crop Management Association as a crop scout assisting an Agronomist with the scouting of his client’s fields. He checks for insect damage, weed control, and nutrient management.
After graduation this December he hopes to attend graduate school where he can further his knowledge of crop production systems. His goal is to either become a crop consultant or work as an Extension Agent.