Loren Goodrich - 2013 Golden Opportunity Scholar

Loren Goodrich

Loren Goodrich is a student in the Crop Sciences Department at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, and is majoring in crop sciences with a concentration in biotechnology and molecular biology. Her study focuses mainly on crop improvement and research advancements. Loren is a senior and is graduating in May 2014.
Loren has had internships with Monsanto, Inc. and Dow AgroSciences, conducting molecular transformation research and crop protection trials on corn and soybeans respectively. She has also been an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Moose's Maize Genetics Lab since freshman year. 
Loren is the President of her local SASES chapter; Field and Furrow Agronomy Club. She is also an active member of Sigma Alpha Professional Agricultural Sorority and Alpha Zeta Honorary Agricultural Fraternity.
Loren plans on going to graduate school in weed science to study herbicide resistance. Her goal is to become a field scientist for an agriculture research company.