Peter Narby - 2011 Golden Opportunity Scholar

Peter Narby PictureUndergraduate Work

Peter Narby is a student in the Crop and Soil Sciences Department at Cornell University. He is majoring in both Plant Science and Agricultural Sciences, with minors in Entomology and Soil Science. Peter is a member of the class of 2012.Peter currently works for Cornell’s Soil Health Lab, was a summer intern for the Crop and Soil Science Department, and is an active Resident Advisor on Cornell’s North Campus.

Research Interests

His studies tie together several different scientific fields, focusing on the factors that affect both soil genesis and techniques of soil management.

Future Plans

He plans on going to graduate school for Soil Science following his B.S. degree. His goal is to become a soil scientist for a government institution such as the Natural Resources Conservation Service or the Environmental Protection Agency.   He plans on going to graduate school in Soil Science.