Katharine Parker - 2013 Golden Opportunity Scholar

Katie Parker

Katharine Parker is student at Western Illinois University. She is majoring in agriscience with a minor in plant genetics and agronomy. Katharine is a senior and plans on graduating in December 2013. 
Her study focuses mainly on crop management and weed control. She has done research internships with DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto. She has also had the opportunity to conduct research on the effect of heat stress on pennycress with Dr. Winthrop Phippen, professor of plant breeding at WIU.
She has served as Agronomy Club Ag Council Representative and Treasurer, in addition to Horticulture Club Secretary, and Agriculture Mechanization Club Craft Show Chair. She has also had the opportunity to help lead in Campus Students for Christ and help out in the community.
She plans on going to graduate school for agronomy. Her goal is to become a corn researcher with a private industry.