Touyee Thao - 2013 Golden Opportunity Scholar

Touyee Thao

Touyee Thao is a senior undergraduate student at Fresno State. He is pursuing a degree in Plant Science/ Crop Production Management and has strong interest in crop research. Currently he has been working as a Student Research Assistant with Drs Dave Goorahoo and Florence Cassel Sharma at the Center for Irrigation Technology assisting with numerous projects on salinity assessment and water management.
His primary goal after Bachelors Degree is to pursue the Master Degree and advance to a Doctoral Program at a University with an emphasis on Soil Science, Weed Science and Water Science.
His research interest center on his belief in innovate implementation of scarce resources. As a believer of “Sustainable Agriculture”, he inspire on the ideas of resources use efficiency along with innovation decision making in order to achieve long-term productivity. He’s determined to achieve a Doctoral Degree in an agricultural related field and become a professor/researcher at a university institute. His passion to teach agricultural extended beyond teaching at a university, he have a strong ambition to reach out to the community and collaborate with community partners to sustain and expend the agricultural needs.