Lily Niknami

Lily Niknami is a student in the Soil and Crop Science Department at Colorado State University. She is majoring in Soil and Crop Science with a concentration in Applied Information Technology and a minor in spatial information management Lily is a senior and plans to graduate in December 2013. 
Her studies focus mainly on precise nutrient management and spatial applications within agronomic science. She has done an internship with Dr. Louise Comas of the USDA-ARS Water Management Research Unit investigating the effects of drought stress on stomatal conductance and root development in sunflower. She has also worked as a seed processor for Cargill. She has served as an officer in the CSU Agronomy Club in addition to other club leadership positions outside of Soil and Crop Science. 
Lily plans on pursuing a graduate degree in Soil Science and GIS. Her goal is to become a research soil scientist with emphasis in geographic information systems and remote sensing.