Amanda Penino - 2015 Golden Opportunity Scholar


Amanda Pennino is a senior at Oregon State University studying soil science, with a minor in horticulture. She is the president of OSU's Soil Science Club and a 3rd year competitor at the National Soil Judging Competition. Previously, she has been a field research assistant aiding in sampling for predictive mapping across Oregon. Amanda currently works for OSU's Crop & Soils Dept. on a research Hops farm with the USDA as well as a lab technician in the Central Analytical Laboratory. Her final year at OSU will be spent with an internship involving soil quality assessment within the Willamette Valley. She is active in the annual meetings with OSSS, Oregon Society of Soil Scientists, in addition to participating in the committee for the annual Warkentin Lecture Series. Amanda anticipates continuing on in her education beyond Oregon State University, using her vast knowledge of plants to aid her career in the soils world.