Leah Ruff - 2009 Golden Opportunity Scholar

Leah Ruff PictureLeah Ruff is a student in the Agronomy Department at Iowa State University. She is majoring in agronomy with a minor in Spanish. Leah is a junior and plans on graduating in May 2011.

Her study has been focused on plant breeding and biotechnology. She has done internships with Mycogen Seeds and Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. working with maize seed production and genetics. She also has a research project devoted to investigating dual-purpose maize, where the grain fraction is used as food or feed and the cobs are used for either conversion into bioethanol or bio-oil while working with Dr. Thomas Lübberstedt of the ISU, Agronomy Dept.
Leah has served as secretary and treasurer of the ISU Agronomy Club, is a member of the ISU Soil Judging Team and KKY an honorary co-ed service fraternity, and is a community advisor in the ISU dorms.
Leah plans on going to graduate school in plant breeding. Her goal is to become a plant breeder for an academic institution or a private industry.